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Compression Therapy

Elite Medical Supplies can provide compression socks, diabetic socks, or compression garments.

These items are great for those with moderate elbow, ankle, and leg swelling. Can be used on various ailments (varicosities, venous stasis ulcerations, or to support light sprains or strains). We have stockings, socks, elastic bandages, and sleeves. Consult with your physician (to measure) for proper sizing.


Elite Medical Supplies carries a wide selection of top-quality professional grade product(s). We continuously add new products to our storefront. If you do not see the what you need today, please send an email to: customerservice@elitemedicalsupplies.com if Elite Medical Supplies can get your item, we will. Elite Medical Supplies will add it to the store and let you know when it has been added. Once you place your order, Elite Medical Supplies will send you an email with the estimated time of arrival.


Thermoskin® FXT Compression Socks, White, S, 2 Socks/Pair

SKU: ORT83601
Manufacturer: Orthozone
Manufacturer Part Number: 83601
Package Description: 1 Pair

$36.75 $24.50

Thermoskin® FXT Compression Socks, White, XS, 2 Socks/Pair

SKU: ORT82601
Manufacturer: Orthozone
Manufacturer Part Number: 82601
Package Description: 1 Pair

$36.75 $24.50