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Control Solution

Glucose control solution is used to validate the accuracy of the blood glucose meter. It is important to run periodic control tests to ensure that the meter and test strips are functioning and giving reliable results. It is essential that people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels in their target range.

Embrace® TALK Glucose Control Solution, Low-(L1)

Manufacturer: Omnis Health
Manufacturer Part Number: APX03AB0318
Package Description: 1 bottle

$2.40 $2.60

FORA Normal Control Solution

Manufacturer: Fora Care Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: 206
Package Description: 1 Each

$2.50 $2.00

MHC EasyTouch® Glucose Control Solution, Hi/Low 2-Pack

SKU: MHC810001
Manufacturer: MHC Medical Products
Manufacturer Part Number: 810001
Package Description: 1 Each

$4.98 $5.98

OneTouch® Verio® Mid Control Solution

SKU: LIF022273
Manufacturer: Lifescan, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: 022273
Package Description: 1 each

$7.70 $6.60

Prodigy® High Control Solution

SKU: PRO53350
Manufacturer: Prodigy Diabetes Care
Manufacturer Part Number: 53350
Package Description: 1 Each

$9.89 $3.00

Prodigy® Low Control Solution

SKU: PRO53310
Manufacturer: Prodigy Diabetes Care
Manufacturer Part Number: 53310
Package Description: 1 Each

$10.39 $3.00