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Cotton Balls, Large, 2000/bag

Package Description: Bag of 1000
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SKU: PRAP159045
Manufacturer part number: P159045
Manufacturer: Pro Advantage
Brand Pro Advantage®

Made from absorbent 100% bleached cotton. Packaged in bag with resealable zip closure for easy storage. Non-sterile.

  • Pure white cotton balls made from absorbent 100% bleached cotton
  • Aids in cleansing cuts and wounds and applying medication
  • Soft, compact and consistent in size and weight
  • Highest quality to guarantee maximum absorbency
  • Packaged in bag with resealable zip closure for easy storage
  • Will not come apart when saturated


Try adding a few drops of essential oil and place on a shelf for a subtle scent.

Add some Petroleum jelly, slip in a small container or bag for ease of travel - great fire starters.

This product is also be used in the garden: to deter pests soak in vinegar, place in a plastic bag (with holes) on gardens edge; to deter ants soak with a water, sugar, and Borax solution place in the garden.