Elite Medical Supplies


EZ-Nabber Feline Grabber, 16" Frame

(Located in Equipment Room) Item description: 1 Each
Manufacturer part number: 2600BL
    • Pets can be transferred from one cage to another without injury or stress to the animal or the practice staff. 
    • Pets can be removed from and/or placed in pet carriers. 
    • When the net becomes soiled, leave it on the frame and wash it in the tub with soap and water: use a disinfectant if needed. 
    • Abscesses and wounds can be flushed, and the pet can be bathed in the net. 
    • Our new 14” frame fits 18” x 18” cages.
    • The Green net is our 14" frame and the Blue net is our 16" frame
    • Net is a strong 1/4" Nylon Mesh
    • Replacement nets available