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Natural Plant-Based Insect Repellant, 2oz squeeze bottle

Package Description: 1 Each
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SKU: SAF53506
Manufacturer part number: 53506
Manufacturer: Safetec Of America, Inc.


DEET FREE and NATURAL Plant-Based Insect Repellant that is Great for use on Children and Adults.


Enjoy the outdoors and keep pesky insects at bay.


This product is GREAT for:


Early Morning OR Early Evening Outdoor Events - when Mosquitos come out to feed.


Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Rock Climbing Packs, Outdoor Sports Equipment Bags, First Aid Kits, Travel Packs, or Day Bags.


The Small, Handy, Convenient 2oz squeeze bottle can be passed arround the group by: Coaches, Scout Masters, or Leaders.


Mosquitos lurk everywhere! So don't forget to bring repellent when you participate or go on any of the following activities: Triathlon, Cross-Training, Canoeing, Kayaking, Skiing, Snowboarding, outdoor High School Events (Football, Marching Band, Field Tack Events), Family Picnics or Reunions, and of course Back Yard Horse Shoe Tournaments!


This is a pesticide-free formula which contains the natural plant-based repellents Citronella oil and Soybean oil.