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RESmart Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and SD Card

Package Description: 1 Each
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Manufacturer part number: A7000
Manufacturer: Roscoe Medical


The RESmart Auto CPAP System uses unique Dual-Channel Quad-Phase technology. Clinicians can set the initial and maximum allowable treatment pressures, and the RESmart Auto CPAP will analyze the state of the patient's upper airway on a breath-by-breath basis and deliver pressure within the allowed range according to the degree of obstruction. Increasing therapy comfort, RESlex Exhalation Relief eases the exhalation process making it easier to breathe out against the air flow. Access advanced data remotely either with the built-in iCode function or SD Card, and view the data from the last session of use on the screen. The RESmart heated humidifier snaps onto the front of the device using the same power supply as the machine.

  • 4-20 cmH20 therapy pressure
  • Quiet operation with real time audible alert for tubing/mask leak
  • RESlex exhalation relief with three comfort setting
  • Remote compliance data access with iCode or SD Card
  • Embedded memory stores previous night’s full raw data, 365 nights' user data and more than 30 years' therapy record
  • SD Card data offers average statistics for specified date range with day-by-day data displaying the daily averages contained with that same date range
  • Previous night’s compliance-therapy snapshot to assist patient with compliance
  • Maintain patient records, generate sleep reports and store patient information on iCode Connect, a free HIPAA-complient patient management system
  • Automatic leakage and altitude compensation
  • Inspiration trigger for automatic start-up
  • Personalized sensitivity setting and auto adjustment of therapy pressure within set range
  • Two year warranty on device and humidifier
  • HCPCS Codes: E0601* (device); A7038* (filters); A7046* (replacement chamber); E0562* (heated humidifier)