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Shoe / Boot Covers

Bootie Butler® Shoe Covers, Blue, BULK Bundle

Manufacturer: Protexer Corporation
Manufacturer Part Number: KBNS-40
This item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Package Description: Box (10 Packs of 40 pairs or 400 Pairs)

$408.62 $400.00

Medical Isolation Kit: SafetyGoggles,Cone,Mask,ShoeCovers,Gown,Gloves,Cap,BioBag

SKU: SAF17613
Manufacturer: Safetec Of America, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: 17613
This item will go on manufacturers rolling back order with no ETA at this time. All orders will be filled when the product is received. Package Description: 1 Kit

$15.00 $10.00

Shoe Cover, Non-Skid, Non-Conductive, Blue

SKU: PRAP702015
Manufacturer: Pro Advantage
Manufacturer Part Number: P702015
Package Description: Box of 100

$12.56 $8.37

Shoe Cover, Non-Skid, Non-Conductive, X-Large, Blue

SKU: PRAP702020
Manufacturer: Pro Advantage
Manufacturer Part Number: P702020
Package Description: Bag of 100

$14.87 $9.91